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Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program

    The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry will be accepting grant applications for the 2019 Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program beginning August 5th and continuing through September 20th, 2019. Communities who have developed or are in the process of developing a Community Wildfire Prevention Plan (CWPP) will be eligible for funding to implement hazard mitigation assistance and community education projects in their CWPP.

    The Division has partnered with the Appalachian RC and D Council (ARCD) in the administration and management of the hazard mitigation assistance grant program. The Division reviews and approves all applications for grant assistance and makes recommendations to the ARCD for approved community grant expenditures. Communities will be required to sign an agreement with the ARCD in order to make authorized expenditures. The ARCD will provide the community with written guidelines on how to make expenditures and submit their expenses for reimbursement.